Back on the Road.

Running has always been a form of refuge for me since my college days. It gives me a sense of emotional and physical release that refreshes my mind and body afterwards.

This week, I’m happy to be back on the road again after almost two months of hiatus. While feeling the effects of muscle atrophy and the 15 lbs or so I’ve gained, the sudden rush of endorphins ignite me in a temporary state of euphoria.

Don’t forget to wear a mask while running guys!

A bit unusual to see this at 5pm as the busy streets of Ortigas are usually jam packed with cars and commuters along the sidewalk rushing home for dinner.

As we are starting to transition into the “new normal,” may we never compromise safety. Wear masks when going outside your house. And of course, the proverbial “frequent handwashing.”

Go, grow, glow.


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