Site Domain Update:


Hello! I’m happy to update everyone that Kat has finally decided to join me in this blog site. We revamped its looks to add a little touch of her personality. We also changed the domain name to (previously

Expect us to share short stories about our lives individually and together, highlighting the unique circumstances that we encounter. Hopefully, these stories will continue to inspire you as this has always been the main objective of this site since it started 13 years ago. Thanks for all the readership and support all these years!

Keep safe and we’ll try to update this blog as often as we can. Cheers!

Love and light always,

Kat and Fred

2 Replies to “Site Domain Update:”

  1. I was redirected to this new home. I love it, Freddie at Kat. There was a time when people said that blogging is a thing of the past, but this, and all other blogs I follow, prove that blogs are here to say. As my web hero Jason Kottke said, “Long live the blog.”

    I hope you’re able to update this as often. I will be dropping by.

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