Our God is a Perfect God -Conversations over Lemongrass, Herbs and Passion Fruit Soda

A couple of weeks ago, Lance (who blogs at www.bottledbrain.com) and I were privileged to receive a grant from ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology) to attend an advanced course in prostate cancer. Lance is my fellowship batchmate whom I’ve probably had the most conversations with -not only because we both live in Ortigas and take the train ride daily together, but we also have the same waking hours (up by 4am, asleep by 9pm). So yes – when everyone else is still in bed, there’s a high chance you’ll see us both sipping our coffee at some nearby café.


During this trip, we were blessed with free time to visit Muji Café at Plaza Singapura where we tried the lemongrass, herbs, and passion fruit soda. It was sophisticatedly good, and was able to quench our physical thirst and desire to try out the place.


Lance and I talk about almost everything -from petty things like the couple fighting behind our table, to life when we were kids, how we both managed to survive medical school and residency, me sharing to him how it feels to be an only-child, him sharing to me how it feels like to have a younger and older brother and their amazing stories with his beloved tatay and nanay, to stories about times when we had triumphs and defeats.


At MUJI Cafe: Lance enjoying his lemongrass, herbs, and passion fruit soda and me trying out the red shiso.


We realized that despite all of the challenges and difficulties we are currently facing with our personal and professional lives, we are still blessed beyond what we deserve. And we both agreed with the fact that “Our God is a Perfect God.” -He does not fail. He does not fail to provide for our needs. He does not fail to protect us from harm. He does not fail to make sure that we are headed to somewhere good.


Psalm 18:30 says “As for God, His way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless; He shields all who take refuge in Him.”


Our God is a Perfect God. I pray that you take comfort in this truth, in the same way that Lance and I do.


God bless you.+


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