HARRISON’S Principles of Internal Medicine 20th Edition




Hi there!

Below is the link to a pdf copy of the new Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 20th Edition book. I got this copy from my former Chief Fellow (Dr. Vergara) in the hospital where I am currently doing my Fellowship Training in Medical Oncology (UP-PGH).

I am sharing it with you, for the sake of the hundreds of patients we see in the hospitals everyday. May this book and God guide us always in all our decisions and actions in providing our patients the best medical care possible.

Enjoy, and God be with you always!

Download on this link: Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 20th Edition


23 Replies to “HARRISON’S Principles of Internal Medicine 20th Edition”

  1. I have seen the book and read the chapter i wanted. It is so wonderful of you to put it on line. I really needed to read it thank u very much doctor.. May Almighty Father Jehovah Bless you on ur medical career. I am really thankful to u. I hope u have prosperity.

  2. Thank you so much Dr Frederic Ivan L. Ting, Was looking for this book as was recommended by my guide to build upon and clear my concepts in Internal Medicine, and help diagnose and treat my patients.. THANKS A LOT. 🙂

  3. Hi sir, you must have a very good heart doing this. You are truly a blessing in disguise. Thank you! God is using you to help people like me who aspires to be a good doctor. I’m currently a registered nurse and planning to pursue medschool. I always see our resident reading this book that really makes me think “this must be a very good book.” THANK YOU!

  4. Searched everywhere and finally found it here. I’m really grateful to God. Thank you very much sir for your efforts, surely may God bless you…..

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