Two Monks and the Bees by Sir Joey

Yesterday during one of our conferences at the UP-PGH Section of Medical Oncology, our chairman Dr. Jorge Ignacio reminded us to never get tired of serving the Filipino people especially the poor, the sick, and the dying.

UP-PGH Section of Medical Oncology Consultants and Fellows 2019

No matter what the circumstance is and despite of all the unique pressures and challenges we encounter in taking care of the poorest of the poor cancer patients in the Philippines, it is essential that KINDNESS and HUMILITY should still prevail.

Our chairman, Dr. Jorge Ignacio

Sir Joey concludes by retelling his story about the two monks and the bees.

“Two monks were walking down the road on the way to their temple. Every time they see the bees struggle, one of the monks would always help the bees. After that monk helped the bees, this was their conversation:

Monk 1: I’m sorry if I’m walking a little slower. The bee stings hurt.

Monk 2: Can I ask a question? Why do you still help the bees every time you see them, when all they do is sting you in return?

Monk 1: It is the nature of the bees to sting. It is our nature to help.”


Have a Blessed weekend, everyone. =)



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