My Aunt’s Advice to Young Physicians (And to the Young-At-Heart too)

So recently I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to visit my Aunt at Fresno, California. I knew during my childhood days that the eldest sister of my father was a doctor, but I never really got to know her better until today.

She graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Medicine Class of 1969, did her internship at Framingham Union,then did her paediatric residency at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and finally her fellowship in neonatal-perinatal medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine. She has been in practice for 45 years, and is currently retired -that’s probably why she now has time to entertain guests at home! lol

Every day at her house, I get the chance of getting to know her and her sister (my “Di-ko“, Chinese word which means the second eldest sister of my dad) more and more. What amazed me was the fact that despite the generational gap (she’s now in her late 60s), we still get to talk about almost anything and everything -from light topics on love and life, to the heavy ones like how different the practice of medicine is today compared to how she did it during her time -of course our favorite topic would always be PGH. =)

One afternoon, we were having lunch at Red Lobster down at E Shaw Avenue when she gave me some advice on how to approach residency when I go back to the Philippines and start Internal Medicine on December.

She said,

You have to take your time. A lot of people are always in a hurry these days. It’s important for you to take time. Take time to talk to your patients. Take time to talk with the nurses. Take time to teach your students. They’re part of the team -this is something most residents miss out nowadays.

Boom. That just got me. I have always valued education and training a lot -especially teaching students, but I am also guilty of sometimes rushing things just to accomplish tasks on time.

This was just a wonderful and timely reminder. To young physicians like me. And even to the young-at-heart.

My Aunt, Dr. Emilia Ting - Garber (Fresno, CA)
My Aunt, Dr. Emilia Ting – Garber (Fresno, CA)

One Reply to “My Aunt’s Advice to Young Physicians (And to the Young-At-Heart too)”

  1. Hello Sir/Doc!
    I’m thankful for your inspiring posts and that keeps me more motivated to pursue Medicine. I’m on my 3rd year in Medical Technology and still it’s a long way to run. God bless!

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