It’s Just a Matter of Perspective.

Very recently, a doctor named Josebelo Chong who is now based in the United States made a blog entry in response to my previous post. It is an interesting read from the perspective of another Post-Graduate Intern who had a different experience when he had his internship in UP-PGH way back in 2002.

To those constantly texting, emailing, and sending me messages on Facebook, here is my response:


Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 1.20.05 PM



Also, a close friend and blockmate Dr. Kay Rivera made this amazing entry entitled UP Medicine: the (un)easy life -a good read about UPCM and UP-PGH internship from the perspective of a UP Grad!


At the end of the day, how we experience life is just a matter of perspective. May we always choose to see the goodness in everything that comes along our way.


God bless! 🙂



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