10 things to live by this 2014.

My guiding principles for this year. So help me God.

1. Always think positive ALL the time. #GoodVibes

2. Always look at every difficulty as God’s way of improving yourself.

3. See every patient as an opportunity to help others.

4. Choose your battles. Learn to say NO.

5. Eat healthy and exercise! Say no to alcoholic beverages, caffeinated drinks, and high-calorie simple sugars.

6. Stick to your schedule but try to be flexible sometimes.                     (Priority: 1. God      2. Family / Kat      3. Work).

7. Spare sometime everyday for meditation / prayer -the mind and soul also tires. And just like your body, it also needs to be relaxed and refuelled.

8. Limit time spent using FB and IG.

9. Save money!

10. Avoid clutter. #ThisIncludesLEGIBLEHandwriting

It’s not yet too late to create your own list! Get a paper, grab a pen, and write ’em down now! (“,)

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