Do Not Twist Facts

Yesterday, I took the bus on my way to Ma-ao City Health Office (an hour and a half from Bacolod City where I live). I was seated at the front row in between a lady and the driver. I specifically chose to ride in front so that I don’t get disturbed by people getting up and down at the row of chairs behind me.

Everything was doing okay until we were almost 30 minutes away from the destination when the bus conductor opened the front seat door and assisted another passenger to be seated. So to my surprise I told him, “Manong, two of us are already seated here. Please have the passenger seated at the back.” And without hesitation he nodded and guided the passenger to the back.

When I got down to the City Health Office, I handed Php 100 to the bus conductor to pay for my Php 30 fare. Strangely, he asked me, “Sir, how much are you paying?” I said, “Php 30, of course.” Then he replied, “You have to pay more because you didn’t want to have the other passenger seated beside you.” Then I argued, “But the seat in front is only for two!” And he immediately butted, “No, the seat in front is for three.”

I stopped myself from arguing because there were a lot of patients waiting to be seen by a doctor. I agreed to pay Php 40.

After my clinic, I inquired at the Land Transportation Office and indeed, the front row seat of mini-buses such as the one I took is only for two people! Otherwise, they would be overloading the bus and it would be hazardous both for the passengers and the crew.


 Sometimes, we tend to twist little facts to get what we want. As for that bus conductor, he wanted to have more income so he pushes the maximum passenger capacity of the bus over its limits.

Although these little white lies may not cause us a lot of harm, we should remember that habitual actions slowly make us the people we are. If we lie in small things and be able to get away with it, we might think that what we’re doing is right, and that it is okay to continue doing so.

Small things lead to big ones. In the same way that little white lies can lead to dangerous big lies. May we always maintain honesty in our daily dealings. Let us not manipulate other people to our advantage. Let us not twist facts.

PS. God loves you!

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