How much are you willing to give?

Earlier today, a friend asked me for advice about a big career decision -a job position that required much time and effort from her part.  She was hesitant because she was fearful of not being able to accomplish the heavy task the decision entails. She was fearful that her limitations might not allow her to achieve the position’s goals.

She constantly asked me, “Fred, do you think I can do it?”

My answer was pretty simple: “It’s never a question of “Can you do it?” but rather a question of “How much are you willing to give?”

Oftentimes when faced with a situation like this, our decisions are influenced more by our fear of failing than our passion to do the task. Remember, if an individual wants to accomplish something with all his heart, he will do all in his capacity to accomplish it. Yes, great achievements require great sacrifices.

The more you’re willing to sacrifice, the closer you will be in achieving your dreams.

P.S. God loves you!

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